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Foundry Department

fonderiapartic1The SQUADRANI Group has been manufacturing die-cast aluminium and zinc alloy castings since 1985. Our production is fully automated and we work with a staff of 20 professionals.
The department is composed of automated islands made up of: holding furnace, metal loader, press, lubricator, anthropomorphous robot for part handling and a shearing machine. The presses range from 250 to 750 tons capacity. Production covers a vast range of parts from just a few grams to several kilos. All the presses are equipped with an electronic process parameter control and programming system so that repeatability of the production cycles is ensured.

The most used aluminium alloys are: UNI 46000 – UNI 46100 – UNI 44300 – UNI 42100 – Unifont 94 UNI 9410 – Self-hardening alloy – Food-grade alloy.

Tradition, our staff’s professionalism and our thirty years’ experience in the die-casting sector are formidable added values that bring qualitative advantages in terms of precision and rewarding solutions to any problem.





The Departments

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